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So.... Here's what's new....

Lots of things are happening!

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Hello, All, 
At last, the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  Actually, TWO big announcements!

I am very happy to introduce you to the new owner of LadyHawk designs! 

Barbara Connoyer, owner of Sun Valley Quilts in Sun City, AZ, has purchased my business, and will continue to offer most of my designs as patterns and kits.

Barbara will be also maintaining the e-mail and taking orders through the LadyHawk designs website, so you will still be able to purchase most of my designs in patterns and kits, just like you have in the past.

Now, all of this is good news, to be sure, but wait!  There's more!

Barbara and I have struck a deal that allows me to continue to design for the LadyHawk designs brand, so you can expect MORE of my designs to be coming in the future. I will continue to be the exclusive designer for LadyHawk designs, so you can expect the same 'feel' of the designs, and the same quality of instructions in the patterns.

 We are also planning to offer some exclusive events at Sun Valley Quilts.  Although I will no longer be teaching on a regular basis,  I have agreed to come out of retirement maybe once a year to do something fun and special with my students, classes to be held at Sun Valley Quilts! ALL are welcome!

I have had the great pleasure to teach many classes in Barbara's shop over the years, and look forward to the opportunity to continue to do so in the future.

I am thrilled with the arrangement we have agreed to, as it allows me to step back from the 'daily business' side of LadyHawk designs, and yet continue my favorite part, which is creating new designs and, occasionally, teaching.  I hope to create many new and exciting designs for you, now that I'll have a little more free time and brain cycles to do so!

Please continue to watch our website,, along with the Sun Valley Quilts website,, for information on future designs and workshop opportunities.  As we work through the process of transferring responsibility for the LadyHawk designs website over the next few days, you can feel confident in placing your orders and sending your e-mails, as we are working together to make the transition seamless for you.

Barbara's  'Welcome' letter follows this announcement, so please read on.....  She has many exciting plans for our future!  And I will pop in again, from time to time, just to say hi.

Again, I wish to thank each and every one of you who have made LadyHawk designs such a joy and success for me over the past 20 years.  You frequently tell me how I've inspired you in some way -- may I take this opportunity to say the feeling is mutual.  It is extremely gratifying for me to see you stretch beyond your comfort zone to embrace a new technique or express yourselves in a creative way.  It is such a thrill for me to see your face light up with excitement and pride as you exclaim, "I did it!"  That, to me, is the foundation that keeps quilting alive.

God Bless you all, and I remain, your sister of the cloth,

Julie Hocker
LadyHawk designs

 And now.... a few words from Barbara......


Wow…Breaking news!  Big news!  Can’t hold it in any more!  You don’t need to be sitting down when you read this, but it might be a good idea!


Surprise…..guess what I just bought???  No, not another puppy or a hose.  But a LadyHawk!!!!!


To be clear, I’ve just purchased from the great designer Julie Hocker the LadyHawk Design Company.  It is now currently being integrated into Sun Valley Quilts.


SVQ will continue to offer Julie Hocker’s most unique and wonderful designs.  We will be offering the patterns  with kits  to you as Julie has so often done.  Fabrics are carefully chosen to totally compliment the unique design, the patterns are so well written that classes are not always necessary to make the kit, but classes can often make the process easier, faster, and more fun.  So in this tradition, we will be the exclusive go-to place for LadyHawk patterns and kits, plus classes! 


LadyHawk Designs will also be your go-to place for placing email orders through the website of:  and/or our website at   The two sites will be linked.  Julie and I are in the process now of transferring the website and we will be frequently talking so there will be no cracks for you to fall through in this transaction.  Continue to place your orders as before, or call us at 623-972-2091 for order placement.  Easy-peasy!!!


This is a fantastic opportunity for us, as well as for you, to continue Julie’s creative legacy.  She has always put her heart and soul into her designs, and we are proud to carry forward the LadyHawk Banner.  But wait….the news gets even better.


Julie may be retired now, but we’re not letting her go smoothly or easily into design/sew oblivion.  We have agreed that her creative juices will still need an outlet, and that outlet will be Sun Valley Quilts!


Julie will continue to design for us EXCLUSIVELY under the LadyHawk name.  Plus she will be returning to teach EXCLUSIVELY at Sun Valley Quilts, most probably at winter camps to be held here at the shop, featuring, among other things, her EXCLUSIVELY NEW LadyHawk patterns.


Stay tuned for event announcements!  Stay tuned for our upcoming LadyHawk Design classes!!  Stay tuned for our LadyHawk pattern and kit corner at SVQ!!!


Hope you’re as pleased as we are and hope to see you soon!!!!!




Sun Valley Quilts


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