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 We take quality very seriously here at LadyHawk designs.  We make every effort to make our products stand out from others with our beautiful designs, top quality materials, excellent directions, and attention to detail. 

Our designs are intended to be created almost entirely on the sewing machine – there is little to no handwork in these designs.  Most can be completed in just a few hours.

We offer complete kits for all of our designs.  We are the exclusive source for official LadyHawk designs kits!  Others may offer a 'kit' for our designs, but ours are the 'real deal'.  As the designer, I personally choose all the fabrics for each and every kit, so you may rest assured that our kits will be as beautiful as the original design.  (Fabric choices will vary with availability).   I only use top quality fabrics from top quality designers, and I do a 'cost comparison' on each kit.  I can assure you that our kits are more cost effective than purchasing comparable yardage and supplies separately.

Also, please note the words 'complete kits'.  That means we include all the materials  you will need to complete the project, except the thread.  So when you purchase a LadyHawk designs kit, you get: 

The pattern, all materials to complete the quilt top or garment, plus the binding, batting, backing (or lining), all stabilizers, fibers, bonding materials, etc. as they pertain to each quilt or garment.  All you need are your sewing tools and threads!  And as an extra kindness to you, our customer, we LABEL every piece of fabric in our kits with its intended pattern piece, so you don't have to figure out what goes where!

Perhaps you prefer to choose your own fabrics.  No problem.  We also offer the 'Pattern Only' option on all of our designs.  Each LadyHawk designs patterns contain diagrams, full size templates, and complete instructions – no offense intended, but I basically assume you don’t know how to do any of the techniques used in my designs, and I explain everything thoroughly to insure your success.  So you can buy our products with confidence!  I try to include some unique techniques in each of my patterns, so they give you an opportunity to learn something new and expand your range of quilting and embellishing skills.

We also carry most of the notions you might need to complete your project; hoops, threads, tube turners, etc.  We have really beautiful fibers that are wonderful for embellishing! 
If you are purchasing a pattern or kit, and would like to have the perfect threads to go along with it, I will be happy to hand pick those threads for you and send them along with your kit.  I know which threads are just perfect for each pattern and kit! 

I invite you to wander through the aisles of the Design Gallery and Our Products to view and learn about each of our designs, and do a bit of shopping if the mood strikes you!  Thanks for visiting our site, and I hope you enjoy what you see in these pages.


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"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."   . . . . .  Ralph Waldo Emerson